Monday, February 21, 2011

First Fever...Boo Hoo

Liam woke up today and had a fever. It was 101.3. I immediatley called Dr. Tedford and his nurse said it could be because he is teething. Liam had been grabbing his right ear all weekend and at first I thought it was a developmental thing, and I was so excited saying "He found his ear!". Now I'm wondering if he is grabbing it because it hurts!! Poor Guy. I let the nurse know this, and they want to see him today to rule out an ear infection. It's so hard leaving him when he is sick. Being a mom is so wonderful, but I hate worrying all the time, and it seems that worrying is just apart of being a parent. Do you ever stop?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rolling Over!!

Liam rolled over yesterday!! And I missed it! Actually his daddy missed it too. Matt said he went into the kitchen to start dinner, and when he came back in the room Liam had rolled over onto his belly!! Such a BIG BOY!! We can't believe how fast he is growing. Hopefully we will see it soon!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome Sweet Boy- September 26, 2010


This blog has been started as a way to record all the exciting moments in Liam's life. So it only seems fitting to start at Day 1.

Liam did not come easy into this world. His original due date was September 24th. Every moment that passed from that date, I felt I was going to POP! I was so HUGE and people kept asking me if I was carrying twins. Matt and I really didn't want me to be induced, but I was open to anything as I could barely walk! Luckily, Liam decided to come on his own. It was Saturday night (the 25th) about 7:00pm and Matt was making us some french fries for dinner. I was SO looking forward to them as I was always starving. I was walking back to the couch after helping him in the kitchen, and I felt a big gush of warm water running down my leg. I KNEW this was it! I yelled..."Matt, my water just broke we need to go". Matt got very excited  and started running around turning off the oven, grabbing our hospital bag, turning off lights etc. I was just trying to keep myself dry, because the water just kept gushing out. I couldn't really help him. He was great, and stayed relatively calm. All this time waiting, we couldn't believe it was really time to meet our son.

The hospital is only 1/2 mile from our house, so we made it there in plenty of time. I still did not have any contractions. We called all the family, and they hooked Liam and I up to monitors making sure we were doing fine. In my ignorance, and this being my first baby, Matt and I thought that we would have time to take a nap and get some rest before the contractions started. WE WERE WRONG! About an hour after arriving a t the hospital, my contractions started and they were strong! Matt helped me walk around the hospital, and about 10:30pm they were getting unbearable. The nurse suggested using the whirlpool bath, and anything besides walking and just laying there feeling them sounded great. The bath was HEAVEN! It did ease the contractions, and I stayed in there for about an hour and a half. The only downfall was that Liam was pressing on my bladder, and I constantly had to get out of the tub to pee. Thank God for Matt. I don't know what women do without support. The contractions became so intense that I couldn't just sit in the bath anymore. I felt like I had to move. We went back to our room, and the nurse informed me that I was dilated to a 4. She said that the anesthesiologist was next door giving an epidural and if I wanted one, she could ask him now. Otherwise he would leave, and we would have to page him back when I REALLY wanted an epidural. I chose NOT to wait. This was about 1:30am. The only downfall about the epidural is that it can dramatically slow your labor. Especially for first time moms. So they were going to give me potassin as well to keep my labor progressing. Especially since my water had already broke which put Liam and I at risk for infection.
I feel this needs it's own header. Yes, the epidural is wonderful and will always be my best friend...BUT here are a few things they DON'T tell you that scared the crap out of me.
1. While inserting the needle into your back you will feel little electric shocks up and down your leg. (While this was happening I was convinced he had just paralyzed me)
2. It is very common to vomit while getting an epidural, and you cannot move, thus throwing up in your partners face.
3. Shaking uncontrollably while getting an epidural (but told to stay still) is also fairly common.
4. Last but not least. Most women are having contractions while receiving an epidural, and you cannot move while feeling excruciating pain.

Moving on...

So after the epidural ordeal I felt SO much better. I went to sleep for a few hours. Matt was too nervous and kept pacing the halls, room, and waiting room drinking A LOT of coffee. When I woke up the nurse checked me and said I was at about a 7. This was at 8:00am. By 12:00pm I was fully dilated and ready to push. I have to be honest, I had no urge to push and it never felt like Liam had "dropped" into the birthing canal. The nurses kept reassuring me that it was just an effect from the epidural. Matt's aunt Susan was there, and without her I don't know what we would have done. She is an OBGYN nurse and used to work at Enloe with all the babies. The most disturbing thing was that Liam's doctor was on vacation so we had to work with the doctor on call which was a TOTAL nightmare. I won't name names, but at noon he came in eating chicken fingers, telling me that I was at a 10, and to go ahead and start pushing. He then told me he was going to ride his bike home for a few hours and then come back in time to deliver Liam....ARE YOU KIDDING?!? Our jaws dropped to the floor. I'm getting ready to push, and this doctor is leaving us?? He said "Let's take bets on when the baby is going to be here. I say 1:15pm". And he left. 
I didn't really know what to do or say so I just focused on pushing during each contraction. I continuously pushed non stop until about 4:00pm. That's when I was so exhausted I told them I needed a break, and that I still didn't feel an urge to push. Our special doctor returned and basically told me that I wasn't trying hard enough, and that their is no reason why I shouldn't be able to push this baby out. He said that I'm not pushing hard enough because I can't feel the urge due to the epidural. HE WANTED TO TURN IT OFF!! I refused. We compromised and he turned it down a bit. That was hell.  I warned him that I could still feel down there, but that it felt like the baby is "stuck" and not budging. He didn't believe me, and wanted to proceed with trying to suction him out with one of those vacuums they put on the babies head. At this point I was so exhausted I was agreeing to anything to try and get the baby out. As he was applying the vacuum to Liam's head he said "Now give me a HARD push, not those light one you've been doing". I lost it. I had been pushing so hard I thought the vain in my forehead was going to pop. Not to mention the blood vessels in my eye balls. I looked at him and said "You better watch what you say down there, my foot is REALLY close to your head." The nurses all started laughing because I had said something they all looked like they had longed to say. The doctor was silent. Thank God. 
The next part is a little gruesome, so you can skip it if you like. The doctor told me to push some more, and continued to turn down my epidural. They had given me a little button to push when the pain was too intense, and that no longer worked. The contractions were coming non stop hard and strong. I could feel everything, and I was not happy about it. This was not the experience I wanted or had planned for. As the doctor was trying his 3rd attempt to get Liam out with the vacuum, I tore and blood squirted everywhere. You think at this moment I would be screaming in pain or fear or both. I just layed there and looked at the blood pool the floor. I was convinced Liam was going to stay inside forever. After the doctor stitched me up, the genius finally realized (6pm-almost 24 hours of straight labor) that the baby was not going to come out vaginally. I had been telling him this for hours. I think a woman knows her body, and I NEVER felt the urge to push. 
He went to go prep for a c-section. The worst part about this was that it took them an hour to prep for surgery and for the anesthesiologist to come back in. Ladies...note to self: Once they turn down/off the epidural they CANNOT turn in back up/on without the anesthesiologist. So I had to sit there for I don't know how long just feeling the contractions. This is when I went into another world. Thank God for Matt's aunt. The pain was so intense I felt the need to scream, hit, kick, walk, cry. I couldn't lay still. I was dying of thirst and was unable to have any ice chips or water because of the pending C-section. I literally thought I was going to die. Matt's aunt helped keep me focused as Matt was no longer able to. I remember just shaking in pain hoping it would be over soon. I was beyond exhausted.
The next part is unfortunately a big blur to me. The pain completely took over, and I can't remember too much accurately. I know the anesthelogoist finally came in. He was very sweet and comforting. Once the pain subsided I only remember drifting into a weird sleep. The next thing I remember is I'm laying on a table and heard the most beautiful sound. Liam's cry. I couldn't see him, or really process what was happening, but I knew he was healthy from that first cry. Again... I threw up as they were stiching me together. Matt brought Liam over and he was so beautiful and so many emotions came through me that it's impossible to articulate. Liam was 9lbs. 13oz and 21 1/4 inches long. No wonder he wouldn't come out. He was HUGE!

They wheeled me into the recovery room, and that's when the doctor came in. He jokingly said "Why didn't you tell me your baby is so big, I would have never made you push that long". I yelled "I did tell you!" "I told you he was stuck!" He laughed and left the room. A$!hole.
Somebody should have made me get my hair done!! However, this was the sweetest moment of my life.
They brought Liam to me… finally. He was so perfect I couldn’t believe he was mine. I still have no idea what I did to deserve him. They had to do blood sugar checks every 2 hours since he was so big, and after coming out and being cut off from me, his blood sugars dropped. I have to say that I’m thankful for this because the nurses became VERY determined to get Liam to breastfeed since the colostrum would help significantly in balancing his blood sugars. Another thing I learned: Babies do not automatically “latch on”. It’s a lot of effort. It took 2 nurses continually shoving him on my breast for him to finally latch on. And it was still hard for him. I don’t think we mastered it until day 3, and we still had issues. (That’s a whole other story).
Anyway that’s our story of how Liam came into this world. Yes, it was the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life, but so worth it. It’s amazing how quickly you forget the pain once they put that baby in your arms. I remember thinking “nothing else matters”.
Life is good.

Uncle Steve and Aunt Ashlee

I'm brand new!
Holding Aunties Hand
Proud Daddy and Uncle Steve
I'm so perfect!

Nana Denise
Daddy already loves me so much!
Hi Nana!!