Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm so brave! I got my 2nd round of shots today...ouch!

Liam had his appointment today. He is such a great baby. Matt and I are so proud of him. He weighs 23lbs, and is 27 inches long. He has gained 4lbs and grew 1 inch since his last appointment. Such a big boy! The doctor gave him a clean bill of health and said that he is developing right on track. He also told us to increase Liam's solid food intake since he is the weight of a 1 year old. :) He believes that increasing his food will also help him sleep better at night. He said we should be expecting no less than 10 hours of straight sleep per night!! We are so far off from that! Liam still gets up 2 to 3 times per night. I have to say I don't mind it since I'm a working mom and the night time is kind of "our time" together. I enjoy nursing him at night. He is so sweet to look at. Plus, during his 3rd month of life his sleep habits took a horrible turn for the worst and I was up 10-12 times per night. I thought we were doing great now. Anyway, I will increase his food and see if it helps. I definitely don't want him to be hungry.

Liam was so brave. He was so happy right before the nurse gave him his shots. I think it hurt his feelings more than physically hurt him when she did it. He stopped crying the moment I picked him up and didn't make a peep afterward. He really is such a jewel. He didn't get a reaction or a fever. I gave him some Tylenol just in case his legs started aching, but he was a happy little boy and took a 2 hour nap. We love our little Hercules!

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