Monday, April 4, 2011

6 guys and a Babe

Yesterday we went over to Katie, Kyle, and Parker's house to meet up with all your friends. We finally got a picture of all of you laying together, and it was SO CUTE! All the dad's came too, and I think it was nice that they all got to meet each other.

The title of this blog is fitting because their is only one girl in our group named Cadience. She is pictured below at the end on the left. You love her. Today however, you had some competition. Gavin was making the moves on her, but not to worry, he didn't have much game, and cried when his mommy put him next to her. :)  We love you all so much, and if you all stay friends, this will be a hilarious picture in about 10 years!

For a brief moment you were all silent. It was the weirdest thing. You are all such great babies.

Parker kept trying to hit you in the face. Of course on accident. None of you are very good at arm control yet. You got your feelings hurt. Little did you know that you are bigger than them all. I kept encouraging you to roll over and do a "steam roll". Your too sweet to do that.

Parker and Anthony trying to get your face. I think they were intimidated by your size, ,and were gaining up on you!


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