Monday, April 18, 2011

I love the water!!...and my daddy

This was your first time in a pool! You LOVED it! You were so happy playing and splashing around. Of course mommy had to ruin your time, and you were not happy about it. Since I'm a first time mom, and don't know what I'm doing, I sprayed the sunscreen all over you. Even your hands. Which was a big mistake, because (as I'm VERY aware) you put everything in your mouth, and touch your face constantly. You immediately rubbed your eyes, the sunscreen burned so bad. Even though the label says "no tears". No tears my $#$!! You seemed to be allergic to the sunscreen, because not only did your eyes swell up, your whole face seemed to become irritated. So we had to go home early and take a bath to get the sunscreen off. But before this debacle, you had a fantastic time swimming with daddy. You bring us so much joy son, we love you.
P.S. You had a swimsuit that we saved just for this occasion. However, when we went to put it on you, it would not go over your thighs. And yes, it was size 18 months. So, in this picture you are in a cotton onesie. We are so proud to have a big healthy boy!

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