Saturday, April 9, 2011

Liam's Nursery

Your room was made with A LOT of love and hard work. This was the first room I ever painted, and it was hard work! I think it turned out great. The funny thing is, is it completely reflects your personality, and we designed it before you were born. Daddy put everything together himself. The crib took forever to figure out. It was given to us by your cousin Jenny. Grant, Carter, and Davis all slept in it. She even gave us the surf bedding. You LOVE your crib. One day I came home from work and daddy had completely put the nursery together. I was so surprised, and he was so proud. All I had to do was the finishing touches.

The Rocking Chair
This was our best purchase by far. People kept telling me that I didn't need one. But I continued to have visions of rocking, nursing, and singing you to sleep every night. We found one we liked, and since our house is so small it took daddy 3 hours to get it through the door. I have to say my visions came true, as we have spent countless hours in that chair. I actually think you have spent most of your life in that chair with me. We love our chair, it has been a life saver for our many sleepless nights.

I picked out the colors for your room with GoGo at Home Depot. We had so much fun, and it was such a special day for us as mother and daughter. Next, I went to Sacramento with Aunt Judi and Mandye and I bought your changing table and surf quilt poster at Pottery Barn Kids. I bought your red rug at Ikea and your crib mattress. It was pure heaven shopping for you! It made me more excited to meet you, if that was even possible. We don't have much money, but everything was made out of love for you. You seem very happy in your first room.

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