Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More bath time fun!!

Here is my precious boy. I just can't resist taking pictures of him in the tub because he is just so yummy! Also I thought I would include an "All about Liam" list since he will be 7 months old on Sunday, and I want a record of how amazing he is.
  • Weighs at least 25lbs
  • Wears size 6 diapers
  • Wears 24 month clothing
  • Eats Solid food-Fruits are surprisingly not his favorite
  • Rolls Over every which way
  • Raises up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth
  • Had his first Ritz cracker yesterday
  • Loves jumping
  • Loves to Read
  • Just learned to splash and kick water-making bath time very messy
  • Recognizes words like, mama, dada, no no, go go, and gentle
  • Favorite food-squash, peas, and green beans
  • Sits up without support(has been for a couple months)
  • Does not fit into any shoes or socks
  • Loves to be in his crib
  • Favorite Toy- The T.V. remote control
  • Loves walks in stroller
  • Loves to swing
  • Favorite Book-Llama Llama Red Pajama
  • Sleeps in a cotton long sleeve onesie (no pants) they are too restricting
  • Has 2 bottom teeth(notice the picture below) and two top teeth are working their way in
  • Sleeps 8-10 hours at night!

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