Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sad Day...

So, I thought I would be relieved when breastfeeding is over. I figured I won't have to watch what I eat, I won't have to take time to pump at work, and I can drink!! Not so.

I'm very emotional about my milk supply diminishing. I still pump twice a day, but my milk supply has significantly decreased. Yesterday I tried to increase it, and tried to breastfeed Liam, and he didn't want too. Not even at night time. He has gotten so used to the easy flow of the bottle. This makes me so sad. I wasn't prepared for feeling this way. I really thought in the back of my mind, that he would be a year or so when he didn't want to nurse. We have both enjoyed it so much.

I understand that it's probably a better thing for both of us. He wasn't eating enough while nursing (he would fall asleep, or get distracted) and thus waking up a lot more at night. Once we started using a bottle, he slept much better. He is a big boy and needs his calories.

I'm going to continue to pump until I get nothing. I think I'm getting close. I know I could increase my pumping during the day, but it's difficult at work, and if he doesn't want to nurse it seems pointless. Plus, when I have a decent milk supply I become very uncomfortable after 2-3 hours. So here is my little rant about missing my newborn son. I can honestly say he has made the transition to infant. And although these times are so fun, new, and exciting, I will always cherish my memories with him as a newborn. I loved laying on the couch all day sleeping together, and nursing. What a joy he has been in my life. On with the next chapter!!

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