Friday, May 27, 2011

I love this quote...

"A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world will be different because I was important in the life of a boy."

Daddy and I think about all the time what you will be Liam. Who will you marry? How many children will you have? How many grandchildren, great grandchildren will we have? Will we get to meet them all? What kind of Legacy are we leaving behind for you? We hope when you are a grown man , you will have nothing but wonderful memories of Daddy and I. Our only wish for you Liam is that you are happy. Truly, blissfully, happy. I don't think this is possible unless you know Jesus, so stay close to him.  I hope you find someone amazing to share your life with. (It makes life SO much more fun). Your dad is truly the love of my life. Find someone that you are best friends with, and don't ever settle. You will know in your heart when you find the right person. We love you son, you are all that matters in this world, and you are the perfect reflection of how much we love each other. Love, Mom.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Window of Fun!

Liam, Matt and I went to Farmer's Market. The weather has been so weird here lately. It's almost June and we've had tornado warnings!?! Considering that we live in California, this is CRAZY!

Anyway, we took Liam downtown, and into a restaurant called "Johnny's". This is where Uncle Steve bartends, so we thought we would go in and say "Hello" and grab a beer. I sat Liam in front of the window, and that's when the show began! He has just learned to wave, and was waving hi to EVERYONE that walked by. I had to get a picture! As you can tell, they did not turn out that well (I'm NO photographer), but I still think it captures Liam's pure happiness as he waves to the people walking by. Love it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Day with My Best Friends

We had a beautiful day at Anu's and Lou's house with all the babies. They are getting so big, I can't stand it. Heather and Billy brought over their new addition "Liam" and he is SO sweet. I told Matt, I can't wait until we can give our Liam a little brother or sister!! I know, I'm crazy, but after seeing another newborn, I really feel like I could do this again. I loved being pregnant. We will definitely be waiting until Liam is 2, considering that we live in a 2 bedroom! Oh, how I love being a mommy!

Gavin, Anthony, Parker, and Liam

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hey Blue Eyes!

Your baby blues, so full of wonder
 You've got, the most amazing Blue Eyes I've ever seen
I can brag, I'm mommy!

My Little Foot and 7 Month Stats

Yesterday we went to the doctor and Liam had his 3rd round of shots. Such a big boy. He only cried for a minute. According to the doctor, he is perfect, just like we suspected, but it was nice to hear it from a licensed professional. And maybe he didn't actually use the word "perfect" but that's how Matt and I interpreted his opinion.

Liam weighs 27.8lbs, and he's 29 1/2 inches long! He has gained 4lbs since his last visit and grew 3 inches. The doctor assured us that we are doing everything right, and he is just a big boy. I sometimes worry because everywhere we go, somebody comes up to us, asks us his age, and then immediately comments on how big he is, and "what do you feed him!" It can get discouraging sometimes, and as a first time mom it's really easy to doubt yourself. I feel so relieved that our baby is just perfect. Thank you Lord!

Since Liam is so big, there are few challenges that have come our way. For example, the fact that he wears size 6 diapers. This is a problem. They do not make a size 7 diapers, and I'm not quite sure what we will do once he outgrows size 6. The only thing I can find is pull-ups. I really don't want to be "pulling down" an 8 month old dirty diaper. No thank you. So if anyone is reading this, and has some suggestions. Please e-mail me. Another challenge we have are finding socks that fit!! Notice the pictures below. The only socks that he can wear are mine!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Two Front Teeth!

Liam officially has a total of 4 teeth now! WOW! He is changing so fast. I would really like it to slow down a bit. His front top two teeth came in much easier than his bottom. He was drooling a little bit and then literally he woke up, and there they were! They are so cute, because they are spaced pretty far apart. (Just like his daddy's baby teeth were.) They are so sweet, and his smile is just the most beautiful thing. (It always has been to me) but with the teeth he looks so different. In case I don't say it enough. I LOVE this boy!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Our First Mother's Day

I took this quote from one of the blogs I follow because I thought it was really beautiful:

they were chosen for you.  and you were chosen for them...
in God's most perfect time.
in His perfect plan.  a great plan.  we must trust, and give glory to HIM.

it's hard sometimes not to get caught up in the daily routine, the daily grind of it all...  sometimes wondering if what we do is really important?  if what we do means anything? if we are doing the right thing, if we are raising them right?  it's hard not to fear mistakes, not to dwell on mistakes.  but if we can remember that we are truly chosen.  hand picked for this child....  that we were born to raise them...  born to be their mother...  that it is a honor and a privilege... not a job.  well... that just changes things doesn't it?

Mother's Day started out kind of rocky and to be honest, I didn't wake up in the best mood. It would have helped if I was able to see Liam before I left for work at 7:00am, but he was still sleeping. Yes, I had to work on my first Mother's Day.

When I had planned our event at work, I really didn't think it would be a big deal, but come to find out, my first Mother's Day was very special and emotional for me. I don't know why this caught me off guard. But as I was driving to work, I began to feel really resentful that Matt's parents were going to be there and see his smiling face instead of me. On a day that should be all mine. I had to quickly throw those feelings out the window and put a smile on my face for the 70 guests that were going to be attending our Mother's Day breakfast.

I truly love what I do, and I loved seeing our residents faces as they were being honored and loved for being mothers. This year was different though. I wanted to be the one getting kisses from my bouncing baby boy, and hearing his giggles. I know it's selfish, but I just couldn't shake the feeling that I "belonged" somewhere else.

We made it through the event, and it was very successful and rewarding. I was so excited to see Liam, but my resentful heart was preventing me from being happy. My dad always told me that it's a "choice" on what type of day you will have. If you choose to focus on the negative then, you will most definitely have a bad day. I did not want this to be a bad day. I made the "choice" to be happy and thankful for all the things I have. Especially my beautiful healthy little boy, who has made Mother's Day possible and special for me.

Once I saw Liam, it was very easy to enjoy my day. He was so excited to see me, and reached out for me when he saw me, giggling, and snuggling in my neck. He was also ready for his nap, so I think it made seeing me 10 times better for him. Oh how I love that sweet boy.

Matt came home from work with a beautiful plant from Liam and a special card. The card said "Mom" in his hand writing, and I automatically gave it to his mom thinking it was hers. Matt said "No, YOU'RE mom". I don't think being a mom has really sunk in yet for me, but I loved seeing the word "mom" addressed to me.

Later that day, Liam and I went to the Tea Bar to get my favorite salmon wrap. I had them make it to go, because we were going  over to Jessica's house for a little picnic in the front yard. Just him and I. Jessica and the rest of the family were on a walk. I had everything set up, his blanket laid out, toys spread out, it was such a beautiful day, and he was SO happy. That didn't last long. As soon as I was going to take a bite of my much anticipated salmon wrap the sprinklers came on full blast!! I'm sure I looked like a skit on SNL as I tried to hurry up and juggle a 30lb baby in one arm, food, blanket, toys, and drink in the other, all the while getting soaked by sprinklers. Liam took it really well, he didn't even cry and just looked around with a "What the heck just happened" expression. I almost cried once we got to a dry spot. My food was ruined, our things were soaked, and this just wasn't the day I had imagined. Again, I made the "choice" to laugh about it. I looked at Liam and noticed his sparkling amazing blue eyes, and his smile that was telling me "Mom that was funny". So I laughed instead of cried, and I'm very happy that I made that choice. We will forever have our first Mother's Day special memory.

In honor of my mom, I wanted to write a little something just to recognize her and her many sacrifices:

 I truly have the most AMAZING mother. She is the reason I am able to love Liam so fully, sweetly, and unconditionally. I had the best childhood, and pray everyday that I will be able to give Liam a childhood similar to mine. She is selfless, and has taken great care of Liam since I returned to work. She always has a sweet spirit, that is filled with delight and joy. Never complaining on days he has been fussy, or on days that she had other things to do. She is always there when we need her, and we appreciate and love her whole heartily.  Thank you mom for being you. I love you, and Liam absolutely adores being with his "GoGo".

One last note. I have not mentioned the Almighty who is the reason I have so much joy on this Mother's Day. I praise Him daily for all the wonderful things he has allowed and given me. Especially allowing me to become a mother. It's a wonderful thing to know that I was CHOSEN to be this beautiful baby's mother. Thank you Jesus!!
Here are some pictures of the beautiful plant Liam and Daddy got for me

True Love

Such a beautiful Mother's Day. Thank you Liam for making me a Mommy. I love you.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Three Amigos!!

 Cinco De Mayo was a blast! We had Parker and Cadience's family over for some pizza and beer. It felt so good to finally feel like we are getting a "social life" back. These pictures are SUPER cute. Obviously when you are dealing with three 7 month olds, it's difficult to get a perfect picture. But I love these, because you can definitely see the 3 VERY different personalities in each picture.
 Notice Liam in these pictures. He did not mind wearing the hat, and was so laid back. (As usual)
Cadience was refusing to wear the hat. Typical girl, it didn't go with her outfit.

 I love Parker. He has such a big personality for being 1 month behind Cadience and Liam. Sometimes I forget that he is younger. He has such animated face expressions. Such a doll.

 Cadience's mom calls her a "spirited child". It's so true. She is the sweetest thing ever. She is so social, loves the boys, and is already crawling! She is not going to let these boys tell her what to do. They will all be chasing her around. She definitely runs the show. Liam and Parker are in awe of her.