Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Three Amigos!!

 Cinco De Mayo was a blast! We had Parker and Cadience's family over for some pizza and beer. It felt so good to finally feel like we are getting a "social life" back. These pictures are SUPER cute. Obviously when you are dealing with three 7 month olds, it's difficult to get a perfect picture. But I love these, because you can definitely see the 3 VERY different personalities in each picture.
 Notice Liam in these pictures. He did not mind wearing the hat, and was so laid back. (As usual)
Cadience was refusing to wear the hat. Typical girl, it didn't go with her outfit.

 I love Parker. He has such a big personality for being 1 month behind Cadience and Liam. Sometimes I forget that he is younger. He has such animated face expressions. Such a doll.

 Cadience's mom calls her a "spirited child". It's so true. She is the sweetest thing ever. She is so social, loves the boys, and is already crawling! She is not going to let these boys tell her what to do. They will all be chasing her around. She definitely runs the show. Liam and Parker are in awe of her.


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