Thursday, June 30, 2011

Liam the Genius Baby


No pressure. But you truly are a little Genius. Last week when we were reading "Good Night Moon" you pointed to the mouse. I thought at first it was a coincidence. However, when I turned the page you did it again, the next page, the same. Every time I got to the page with the mouse on it, I noticed your little eyes becoming wide, and scouring the page trying to find the mouse. It would only take you a couple of seconds, but you would always find it, and point to it. I thought it was just a freak, and let it go. The next night, you did the same! I became excited, and started saying "Where's the mouse"? You became excited too. You were so proud of yourself, and  started saying "Maw" when finding the mouse. Really. You. Are. Amazing. I hope you never forget that. You are only 9 months old, and I think you are pretty special.

We also got you a new toy. It's a large bucket. They way it works is you have to put a ball in the top, and then press the lever to get the ball to come out. What 9 month old can do that? YOU! Yes. You put the ball IN the bucket (which takes MAJOR coordination at your age) and then (without prompting) you push the lever to get the ball out. Genius. I will admit that we worked together on this for a day or so, but you picked it up so quickly. We are so proud to call you our son.

Liam, this may seem pointless coming from your mother, but you are SO beautiful and smart. I started counting how many people comment on how "cute" you are when we are in public. No joke, last week when we went to the mall, you received 22 compliments in 1 hour. Not bad for a 9 month old. I hope you know that it makes me glow with pride that you are mine. It makes being 20lbs overweight not so bad. Because I have you. I love you sweet boy.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bye Bye Mobile!

Liam is constantly amazing me. He started crawling last week, and he is already tired of that. He is now pulling himself up on everything, and making his way around the house, moving from one piece of furniture to the next. This is what I found this morning when I went to get him out of bed. I guess it's time to say goodbye to our faithful mobile, that has allowed me to take a shower on numerous occasions. Thank You, and I will miss you.

P.S. Happy 9 month old Birthday My Sweet Liam!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

And 2 more teeth make 6!

I have been holding off on posting this because I have been trying to capture that PERFECT picture of Liam's teeth. However, as you all know, Liam does not like to get his picture taken. It has become impossible to try and get a good picture of them. So, here it is, October 1st, and Liam has a total of 8 teeth! AND I still don't have a picture to prove it. But, I want to post this at it's original date, so I have a record when I print his blog. You can print your blog too at It's actually an amazing thing they do there!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Father's Day!

Thank You for being so good to me. I love how you always play with me, and give me kisses on my neck. It tickles!!! Thank You for always sticking to mom's schedule. I always feel good and happy when I'm with you. I'm always full, dry, and rested. I like that you let me get dirty every once in a while. I'm so happy you're my dad...that's why I only say "Da Da", I just love you so much! You make me laugh all day long. I hope you had a great Father's Day. Mommy and I worked so hard on your shirt, and spent a lot of time looking for the perfect BBQ. You ARE the WORLD'S BEST DAD! I love you... Love, Liam.
I was at work, and was asking for suggestions on gifts for Father's Day. My boss had casually suggested "making" a T-shirt for Matt with Liam's footprints on it. At first I was a little apprehensive, but she was very convincing, and made it seem like it was a piece of cake. She is the creative, perfectionist type, all of her projects look like they were professionally made. And mine, well, not. However, she said she had all the stuff to do it, and would even help. Due to scheduling conflicts we weren't able to get together and work on the shirt. So, I was on my own. It did not go well as you can see, but it truly is the thought that counts. Matt was so sweet and wore this horrible shirt all day. Even to work! The best part of the shirt is Liam's footprints. That was also a nightmare creating without making a gigantic mess. He laughed so hard when I was painting his feet. And of course all he wanted to do was touch his feet!! So here is our hideous T-shirt, but it was made with A LOT of love, and some tears. We love you Matt!

Grandpa Johnson


My Dad was also able to come by for Father's Day. We all went to the Chico State Gateway of Science Museum. I must admit that for 5 bucks per person, it was a joke. Totally boring, and most of the exhibits looked like a kindergarten project. Needless to say, we were not impressed. We did however, make our way over to the Bidwell Mansion, and although we could not do a tour because it was so close to Liam's nap time, we did walk around and found it pretty interesting. Note to anyone reading in Chico, spend the extra 1.00 and tour Bidwell Mansion instead of the Museum!

For my Dad and Liam's Grandpa: I'm very proud of who my dad has become. If any of you know me at all, you know that my Dad has made some MAJOR, life altering, horrible mistakes in his life. I know he looks back now and wishes he could change things. But, he can't. So I have chosen to accept and love him for who he is now, and the changes he has made since getting sober 3 years ago. The truth is, I had the BEST Dad growing up. He was my hero, and always there for me. Never missing a performance, school function, and always helping me with my homework. I always felt loved, cherished, valued, and beautiful and I think that counts for something. It has taken many years, but we have slowly re-built our relationship, and I'm so happy he is in our lives. We love you Dad. Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Pool Party!

Such a beautiful Sunday at your Best Friend Parker's house. Jace, Anthony, and Cadience were all there. You absolutely LOVED the water. You were laughing, splashing, and kicking. You and daddy had a great time. He was spinning you around, and tossing you in the air. You were in heaven. We love you sweet boy.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Love My GG and Papa!!

Great Grandma Muriel (G.G.) and Papa Ray came to Chico. The Craig family was getting ready to go to cousin Lauren's graduation. (Daddy and I couldn't go because he had to work). He has been so bummed this entire week.

GG and Papa hadn't seen you since Christmas! They couldn't believe how much you've grown!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Babies Galore!

Katie had the mom's and babies over for a little wine, and play time. It was so fun seeing all your friends again, and visiting with the other mommies. They have been such great friends to have. Here are some pictures of you guys getting so big!!

Anthony, Cadience, Liam, Jace, Parker

I love this picture. Liam, you are always looking at mommy. I LOVE how the other babies could care less about me, but you are staring at me. We have such an amazing bond. I love you son.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting so Big...It's Bittersweet

My sweet Liam. You are growing so fast. There are many moments when you absolutely amaze me with the things you learn and do. It's pure bliss watching you grow, and as I type this, my heart literally wants to pound out of my chest with the love and pride I feel for you.

As much as I love seeing you learn all these new and exciting things, a side of me feels sad. Sad that my time with you is going by so fast. You bring me so much joy, and I love being your mommy. I never knew that life could be so filled with bliss. I understand that it's a part of life to raise you, and watch you grow, but I often ask God if he can slow it down just a little.

I still cherish our time together in your rocking chair. I'm getting emotional writing this, but I LOVE rocking you to sleep. I love how you snuggle your head in my arm while you drink you bottle, and then afterwards you cuddle my neck. It is the BEST feeling in the world. I love the way you breathe, and your little smiles that pop up while your sleeping in my arms. People tell me that I'm creating bad habits by rocking you to sleep every night, and for every nap (almost every nap, if I can get home from work...I really do try everyday to get home for at least one of your naps) I don't care. This is our time together, and I do not want to give it up for anything. I know you love it too.

So here are some of the incredible, amazing things you are doing at only 8 months old. I call you a Baby Genius!

  • You can wave "hello" (I have posted the video of this in a separate blog in entry)
  • You LOVE LOVE LOVE to read! I can read you almost anything and you become so intrigued.
    • Your favorite books right now are
    •  Good Night Moon (You have become very excited recently when I read the beginning lines of "In the Great Green Room, there was a telephone, and a red balloon, and a picture of...
  • You love looking at numbers and letters. You stare at letters anywhere you see them. You also are enthralled with watches and like to look at the numbers.
  • You love to jump in your bouncer and when I say "Do you want to do "bouncy bouncy" you starting jumping and kicking your legs.
  • You love to stand with someone holding your hands, and practicing to walk
  • You go EVERYWHERE in your walker. We have things picked up all around the house. You are so curious about things you can't reach, and love exploring the house.
  • Recently you have started to love watching daddy and I talk on the cell phones. In fact we gave you daddy's old phone (which you broke, by the way, by slobbering all over it). You laugh so loud when we pick up the phone and say "Hello Liam?", "Oh here he is"!
  • You are SO CLOSE to standing up by yourself.
  • You are still a great sleeper, sleeping 8-10 hours at night.
  • You can pick food up on your own and put it in your mouth. You eat (but I'm not sure if they are your favorite) the Gerber sweet potato stars.
  • You are trying so hard to say "Hi"!
  • You do say "dah dah" "La la" and other noises that don't make sense, but they are so beautiful to hear.
  • If we put a book in front of you when you're in your walker, you get excited and make a bunch of noises pretending to read. You point to the pictures in the story.
  • You love to bounce, and immediately start bouncing when I say "Do you wanna do the bouncy bounce?"
  • You still wake up smiling, and now talking. Mostly saying "Dah Dah", but I can tell "Ma Ma" is coming soon!
  • You love when I show you pictures of babies and say "Kiss the baby". You smile so big and open your mouth and try to kiss the picture.
  • You give the biggest, wettest, most wonderful kisses ever. You LOVE kissing mommy. When I say "Give mommy kissies" you open your mouth and plant one on me. I love it.
  • You are wearing 2T clothing
  • You are in Size 6 diapers
  • You are growing out of the sink for bath time, but I hate our tub, so I won't put you in it.
You are just a special boy Liam, and we love you so much.