Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Father's Day!

Thank You for being so good to me. I love how you always play with me, and give me kisses on my neck. It tickles!!! Thank You for always sticking to mom's schedule. I always feel good and happy when I'm with you. I'm always full, dry, and rested. I like that you let me get dirty every once in a while. I'm so happy you're my dad...that's why I only say "Da Da", I just love you so much! You make me laugh all day long. I hope you had a great Father's Day. Mommy and I worked so hard on your shirt, and spent a lot of time looking for the perfect BBQ. You ARE the WORLD'S BEST DAD! I love you... Love, Liam.
I was at work, and was asking for suggestions on gifts for Father's Day. My boss had casually suggested "making" a T-shirt for Matt with Liam's footprints on it. At first I was a little apprehensive, but she was very convincing, and made it seem like it was a piece of cake. She is the creative, perfectionist type, all of her projects look like they were professionally made. And mine, well, not. However, she said she had all the stuff to do it, and would even help. Due to scheduling conflicts we weren't able to get together and work on the shirt. So, I was on my own. It did not go well as you can see, but it truly is the thought that counts. Matt was so sweet and wore this horrible shirt all day. Even to work! The best part of the shirt is Liam's footprints. That was also a nightmare creating without making a gigantic mess. He laughed so hard when I was painting his feet. And of course all he wanted to do was touch his feet!! So here is our hideous T-shirt, but it was made with A LOT of love, and some tears. We love you Matt!

Grandpa Johnson


My Dad was also able to come by for Father's Day. We all went to the Chico State Gateway of Science Museum. I must admit that for 5 bucks per person, it was a joke. Totally boring, and most of the exhibits looked like a kindergarten project. Needless to say, we were not impressed. We did however, make our way over to the Bidwell Mansion, and although we could not do a tour because it was so close to Liam's nap time, we did walk around and found it pretty interesting. Note to anyone reading in Chico, spend the extra 1.00 and tour Bidwell Mansion instead of the Museum!

For my Dad and Liam's Grandpa: I'm very proud of who my dad has become. If any of you know me at all, you know that my Dad has made some MAJOR, life altering, horrible mistakes in his life. I know he looks back now and wishes he could change things. But, he can't. So I have chosen to accept and love him for who he is now, and the changes he has made since getting sober 3 years ago. The truth is, I had the BEST Dad growing up. He was my hero, and always there for me. Never missing a performance, school function, and always helping me with my homework. I always felt loved, cherished, valued, and beautiful and I think that counts for something. It has taken many years, but we have slowly re-built our relationship, and I'm so happy he is in our lives. We love you Dad. Happy Father's Day!

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