Thursday, June 30, 2011

Liam the Genius Baby


No pressure. But you truly are a little Genius. Last week when we were reading "Good Night Moon" you pointed to the mouse. I thought at first it was a coincidence. However, when I turned the page you did it again, the next page, the same. Every time I got to the page with the mouse on it, I noticed your little eyes becoming wide, and scouring the page trying to find the mouse. It would only take you a couple of seconds, but you would always find it, and point to it. I thought it was just a freak, and let it go. The next night, you did the same! I became excited, and started saying "Where's the mouse"? You became excited too. You were so proud of yourself, and  started saying "Maw" when finding the mouse. Really. You. Are. Amazing. I hope you never forget that. You are only 9 months old, and I think you are pretty special.

We also got you a new toy. It's a large bucket. They way it works is you have to put a ball in the top, and then press the lever to get the ball to come out. What 9 month old can do that? YOU! Yes. You put the ball IN the bucket (which takes MAJOR coordination at your age) and then (without prompting) you push the lever to get the ball out. Genius. I will admit that we worked together on this for a day or so, but you picked it up so quickly. We are so proud to call you our son.

Liam, this may seem pointless coming from your mother, but you are SO beautiful and smart. I started counting how many people comment on how "cute" you are when we are in public. No joke, last week when we went to the mall, you received 22 compliments in 1 hour. Not bad for a 9 month old. I hope you know that it makes me glow with pride that you are mine. It makes being 20lbs overweight not so bad. Because I have you. I love you sweet boy.


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