Monday, October 24, 2011

A Family of Weiners

We went to Parker's 1st birthday Halloween Costume Party. It was so much fun! As you can see, Matt was the hot dog, I was the ketchup bottle, and Liam was the "cocktail weenie". Unfortunately, this was the only picture we got as a family. Liam HATED his costume, as you can see.
Liam's first bounce house experience. He loved it!

(From Left to Right) Jace was a Lion. His mommy Lauren MADE his costume, and put us all to shame. They were the Wizard of Oz. Lauren was Dorothy, and Ed was the Scarecrow. So cute. Parker appropriately wore his Birthday suite all day. Liam the wiener. Cadience the cutest puppy dog. And Gavin, the hippy baby. Love them!
Liam was also "bobbing for apples".

Have I said how much I love being mommy to this sweet boy? We had such a great time. Looking forward to many more parties with Parker and The Rusten Family.

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  1. aww, he's such a cute little weiney :o) looks like a fun party!