Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Our Charlie Brown Tree...I love it.

I LOVED Christmas when I was a little girl. My parents always made it a magical day for my brother and I. My mom kept a beautiful home, they overindulge us with food, and presents the whole month of December. We talked about Jesus even more than normal, and I always loved sitting by the Christmas Tree reading the story of Jesus' birthday. As I got older, and the magic faded, I thought I would never feel that same way as I did when I was little. I was wrong. It's even better when you have your own baby and husband to celebrate Christmas with. Our Christmas was beautiful, and I will never forget it.

It was just us 3 on Christmas Morning. It was so special. Matt and I were so excited to give Liam his gifts. Since he is only 15 months he only had 3 gifts. However, they are the 3 things in his life that he is completely OBSESSED with. A Clock, A Vacuum, and A Frog Book. He was overwhelmed. He wasn't sure which one to play with. Although, once he realized the vacuum made noise, everything else was quickly forgotten. The vacuum went EVERYWHERE with us that day. We went over to Jess' house, and then to Redding for the day. Matt's grandparents were in town from Mississippi, and it was the first time they had met Liam. It was so sweet.

This is the sweetest picture ever! Liam loves his Morgie and Tay Tay!

My dad came over a couple days before Christmas so we could celebrate. He brought so many wonderful gifts for Liam. However, the best gift was all the time he spent with Liam. Liam was in heaven!

We were so happy to be at our new house for Christmas. We had a lot of fun hanging Christmas Lights!

We also went to The Downtown Christmas Preview. It was bittersweet, because we missed owning Boardmart.

Liam Helping us Decorate the Tree:

Thank You Lord for my sweet boy and amazing husband. We are so blessed. Merry Christmas!

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