Sunday, February 19, 2012

First Finger Painting Project

This weekend Liam had his first finger painting session. After the initial fear of having something wet on his fingers, he got into it. I think the finished product is beautiful. We decided to give it to Go Go as an early birthday present.

You may be asking yourself if my child ever smiles. They answer is Yes. However, Liam is extremely camera shy, and anytime he sees the phone or the camera, these looks are what follow:

No amount of  singing, dancing, jumping, or goofing around can get him to crack a smile when the camera is out. I think he either hates it, or is intrigued by it, either way, people who only read this blog must assume he doesn't know how to smile. I promise you he is full of smiles, sadly not very many I've been able to capture.

1 comment:

  1. haha, my daughter runs and hides her face in the wall..i have to "trick" her into thinking the camera isn't on so i can get a smile! she's ridiculous!

    smiles or not, he's a cutie!