Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Liam at Age 3

I could write a book about this boy. Not sure anyone would read it, except Matt and I, but I want to record who he is, at this moment:

Liam has such a sweet spirit. He is a people pleaser, and doesn't like conflict. He has recently started to assert himself, but in general is very sweet, quiet, kind hearted, always willing to share, and happy. He is very shy in new situations and verbalizes it. In fact, on the way to his birthday he stated "mommy, I'm going to be shy at my birthday, okay?" He has an extensive vocabulary, and his comprehension skills amaze me. Matt and I can no longer have any adult discussions around him. He hears EVERYTHING! Even when we think he is not listening. He will usually ask "What are you guys talking about?" He likes to be included in everything.

Recently if he gets in trouble, or we need to correct his behavior he will say "Mommy, your making me sad. You're going to make me cry". If he is angry he is great a verbalizing it, by saying "I'm grouchy at you." or "I'm frustrated at you".

His passions are Jets, Planes, and Race cars. He plays with them all day. His favorite outing is the airport. He recently saw the movie Planes, and is obsessed with all things Dusty Crophopper, Ripslinger, and Bravo.

He is so sweet when he wakes up in the morning. He is always so happy that it's a new day. Even when he wakes up at 5:30am occasionally, you can never be mad, because he is so happy about life! He comes in asking what the plan is for the day. One of my new favorite things Liam says when I get home from work is "Mommy, how was your day at work?" He is genuinely interested.

I love hearing him make different voices while playing with his toys. It's so special to see his little imagination go wild.

He sleeps in his bed all night by himself. Well, really not by himself. Our dog LuLu sleeps on his bed (sometimes under the covers) every night. He will not go to bed without her. He calls her his "best friend" and "sweetie girl". It's precious. They really are best friends. I have to change the sheets often, but it's worth it.

Liam loves to read. He really will read anything, but prefers airplane or automobile books. Recently his favorite has been a Santa Claus book since we are getting near the Holidays. He completely understands this year about Santa, and is so excited for him to come. We also talk about that it's Jesus' birthday.

I got the sweetest note from one of Liam's teachers at school. She said that Liam was sitting in a corner reading a book. He had his hands crossed, and his eyes closed. She noticed that his mouth was moving, but he was whispering. She asked him what he was doing, and he said "Praying to Jesus". That melted my heart. He has lots of questions about God, Jesus, and Heaven. I try to answer them as simply as possible, but he is a thinker, and wants an explanation for everything. How do you explain to a 3 year old why we can't visit Jesus in Heaven?