Saturday, September 28, 2013

Liam's 3rd Birthday

My baby is 3! What? How did this happen. I know every mother says it every year, but seriously, it's going too fast. I woke up very sad on Liam's birthday. He is such a joy, and it's a hard feeling to describe watching your children grow and wanting them to thrive, but also feeling selfish and wanting to keep them small forever.

Here is Liam from birth to his 3rd birthday.

 See what I mean? He is a boy! Not an infant, baby, or a toddler, but a little boy! I'm so thankful to be 25 weeks pregnant and able to do this all over again. Liam has been such a joy to us, and there is nothing better than being this boy's mom.

We had Liam's party at the bowling alley. It was pure chaos!! We had 14 kids come. Liam had fun the first hour, but then wanted to go home and play with his presents.


Happy Birthday Liam! I can only describe you in one word. Perfect. We had a fun day! We are so proud of you, sweet boy!

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