Friday, January 10, 2014

Welcome Noah Myers Craig!

Where should I start? Compared to my first birth experience, this was a cake walk. Oh, how I love this little man.

We arrived at the hospital at 5:00am. Waited until 7:00am to be taken back to the operating room. During those 3 hours, they tried 3 times to find a vein to start IV, and I vomited due to anticipation/anxiety . So embarrassing. I was hoping to be vomit free this time around. Not the case. The anesthesiologist was also adamant about NOT having ANYONE in the room with me while receiving my spinal. EVEN my midwife, who has worked in the practice of the operating surgeons for 20 years!!! I was so scared! She said that had not happened in all her years practicing. So I was all by myself when he inserted the needle that could lead to my paralysis. But, actually he ended up being very sweet, and attentive during everything. God blessed me with an amazing nurse, who during the whole procedure who was a literal angel. In the spot light of the operating table while he was inserting my needle, she literally looked like an angel with wings. I was completely relaxed, and didn't throw up again. Thank God. 

Anyway, here is our sweet boy. He is amazing, and we couldn't feel more blessed.