Thursday, August 28, 2014

Noah-Age 7 months

A baby will make love stronger
days shorter
nights longer
bankroll smaller
home happier
clothes shabbier
the past forgotten
and the future worth living for
-author unknown-

Noah is eating all fruits and veggies. He loves feeding himself. He has started eating mum mums, and the gerber vanilla stars. I've given him a bagel, broccoli, and banana to gnaw on with close supervision. It still makes me nervous so I don't do it often.
 He has eczema on his left cheek, and we are not sure what from. He takes 2 solid naps a day. Usually between 2-3 hours. FINALLY! He has always been a great sleeper at night, and still sleeps from 7-7 and wakes up once a night for a 6 ounce bottle. It's not every night, but usually 4 times a week.
 He stopped nursing 3 days ago, and I'm really missing it. He is always a perfect angel for me. Smiling, giggling out loud, and just a true joy. His daycare provider, my mom, and Matt say there are days when I'm at work and he will scream uncontrollably for me. This breaks my heart, because this never happens with me, so it must be a separation anxiety issue. The guilt from being away from him so much is sometimes to much to bear. It completely goes against nature. I'm his mother, I always know what he needs.
 He has 1 tooth that just popped up, and is working on the second. I buy all his clothes only a little big at 18-24 months. He is a big boy. At his seven month check up he was 24lbs. 95% for weight and only 50% for height. He is sitting up, and can "slither" on his belly across the living room floor. He is obsessed with his brother, and looks for him first thing when he wakes up. He laughs if Liam simply walks by. They have an incredible bond, and I pray daily that is continues to strengthen.

Noah does not sit and play without constant entertainment from us. He is quick to fuss if he's left alone too long. He loves going for walks, and nap time. We have a Saturday morning routine where we wake up and all head to the farmers market. He LOVES this time, and hardly makes a peep. He likes seeing all the action.

This boy makes life complete. He's so fun and easy that it makes me want just one more...

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