Monday, March 13, 2017

My Boys Age 6 and 3

My boys are so fun right now! Liam is just the sweetest big brother, and Noah makes us laugh on a daily basis. I'm so excited to report that Noah is fully potty trained! Yes! Now we will only have one in diapers. Coming soon...

Liam makes me remember the simple joys in life. He recently learned how to snap (loud) and it has seriously made him so proud. He was so excited, and his enthusiasm just about melted my heart. It truly is the little things. Apparently, they have a song in class that they sing everyday, and snap in the middle of. He feels so special that he can now participate in this, and looks forward to it everyday. He is obsessed with basketball. He just saved enough money for a basketball, and is now working towards a "real" basketball hoop. Right now, he still has the little tikes one, but wants a big one. He has been doing chores like crazy to try and save for one. We are so proud of him. He loves being outside, shooting hoops. He would be out there sun up to sun down if let him.

Noah is just our ball of laughter. He has the best sense of humor, and the things he says makes us laugh out loud. Right now he is going through a phase where he likes to make cat noises instead of talking. He will frequently "meow" or make a "quack" noise when asked a question. He definitely enjoys being the baby. I don't mind, and I still have no intention of taking away "blankie" anytime soon. We recently started swim lessons again, and he is doing great. It is at 6:15pm at night, so it is so nice to just have time together. We swim together a little bit after swim lessons, then shower and put our jammies on at the gym. He thinks that is pretty awesome. He is the life of the party with his "evil laugh". It's hilarious. Imagine the laugh of an evil villain coming out of a three year old. He has perfected it, and it is so funny!

Their friendship and bond has really grown this last year. They now play with each other the majority of the day. Favorite activities include jumping on the bed, basketball, racing, and "doing work" outside. We recently moved them into the same room with two full beds, and they are loving jumping back and forth. They rarely fight, which is mostly due to Liam's even temper. He pretty much let's Noah get away with, and do anything he wants.

I feel so blessed to call them mine. What a gift!